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Yiruma's musical journey began at age five with his fascination with the piano. At age ten , he moved to England to pursue his passion for music at the Purcell School of Music. During his time at Purcell , he was invited to participate in a special classical album for Decca Records. After graduating in 1997. Yiruma attended London University of King's College to further pursue his aspirations in both music and composition. During his time at King's College, Yiruma studied under Harrison Birtwistle, a master of modern music, from whom he learned classical and modern music, as well as composition.


In 2001, Yiruma released his first album 「Love Scenes」.With its friendly melodies complemented by his polished performance skills gained from his training in classical music , this soft and mellow musical style gained great interest from the general public as well as from professional critics.Yiruma went on to release his second album 「First Love」, ( 2001 ) which included his No. 1 piece 'River Flows in You'.

In 2002. Yiruma received an invitation to perform at the 2002 Marché International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale ( MIDEM ) in Cannes, France, the first Korean musician to receive such an honor. That same year, his piece When the Love Falls was included on the original sound track album for Winter Sonata:the drama that started the sensation now known as the Korean wave.His music has been held synonymous with popular works of cinema, including many Korean dramas as well as the Hollywood hit 'Twilight' which did not include Yiruma's piece on its original soundtrack but included scenes that many viewers associated with his piece 'River Flows in You' !

Yiruma's success has also continued in the domestic market, where his third album 「From the Yellow Room」 ( 2003 ) was released. His concerts in Korea, including venues such as the Hoam Art Hall and Young San Art Hall in 2003. the Drama concert in 2004, and the Winter Story concert in 2005. regularly draw tremendous, sell-out crowds.He has also performed at places where live performances are rarely held , such as hospitals, schools, churches, and during his time in the military-on various military bases.Since his discharge from the Navy in 2008, all of his domestic concerts have successfully sold out.

In the years that followed.Yiruma's repertoire grew from live performances to hosting radio shows and making appearances on a variety of other shows.He started as a DJ for KBS1FM's < Music from All Around the World > and an MC for < MBC's Wednesday Art Stage >. He was also the DJ for MBC FM4U's radio show < Golden Disc > For his achievements in the field of radio entertainment, he was awarded the Radio DJ Rookie Award at the 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Yiruma has supplemented his domestic activities with significant international activity as well, beginning in Japan in 2003 after the success of 'Winter Sonata ! In 2012 he made an appearance on the German TV show < Wilkommen Bei Carmen Nebels and in the following year, he held solo concerts in Poland and Russia.In 2013. Yiruma had his promotion tour around Australia with media interviews and television appearances.In 2014. Yiruma released album in Malaysia in response to popular demand, allowing his album to reach Platinum level Yiruma then held performances in Malaysia , Hong Kong , and China.In 2014 and 2015 his Singapore show sold out to an audience of more than 5.000.To date, Yiruma has released numerous albums that encompass elements of boththe contemporary and classical music genre Yiruma's videos on YouTube have reached over 400 million views, which is a strong indication of his worldwide popularity and appeal.His simple, yet melodic and emotional pieces resonate well with the modern listener, millions around the world are moved by his music.

Yiruma is not a traditional pianist by any means, rather than being stuck in the traditional boundaries of a performer-composer, he continues to extend his musical reach by collaborating with a number of artists, including those from the K-Pop genre , notably 2AM , Ailee , and Baek Ji Young. His record speaks on his behalf regarding his popularity among classical artists in South Korea.Yiruma holds records for both the largest audience at a single concert and the greatest number of concerts by a single artist.


Yiruma has said that he wants his music to heal, inspire, and remind the audience of love and hope. With each piece, Yiruma prays that he can show God's love by interwining this inspiration into his music.