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New Single <Cuore Indigo> with Soprano Sumi Jo 

World Piano Day Festival 2021

Single [Nocturnal Mind in d minor] (World Sleep Day Project)

BraVo International Music Awards, Russia. The Album Of The Year (Room With A View)

20th Anniversary Album  [The Rewritten Memories]

20th Anniversary Score book  [Yiruma The Best]

20th Anniversary Solo Piano Album  [S O L O]  


No.1 on Billboard's Classical Album Chart ( Reminiscent 10th Anniversary album)

Album [Room With A View]

20th Anniversary Online Concert  [River Flows] 


Australia Concert Tour
(Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney Opera House)

Italy Puglia Concert (Martina Franca, Otranto)

Live in Seattle (Benaroya Hall)

Live in Toronto (Roy Thomson Hall)  

Album [f r a m e  for winter]


2nd Russia Concert Tour
(St. Petersburg, Moscow)

Singapore Encore Concert

Genting, Malaysia Concert (Arena Of Stars)


US Concert Tour (San Jose, Dallas, -Houston, L.A. Dolby Theater, New York Lincoln Center)


10th Album [f r a m e]

Singapore Solo Concert

New Zealand (Auckland) Solo Concert

Australia (Sydney, Brisbane) Encore Concert Tour

Digital Single Album [flower]

Malaysia Solo Concert

10th Album [f r a m e]

2017 National Tour Concert [f r a m e]

North America Concert Tour
(Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver)

Taiwan (Taipei) Solo Concert

2017 MBC Entertainment Awards

'Excellence Award for Radio Program
: Yiruma's Golden Disk


US Concert Tour
(New York Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Dolby Theatre)

China Concert Tour
(Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu)

Australia Concert Tour
(Sydney Opera House, Melbourne MCEC)

National Tour Concert 「Picture Me」


9th Album [piano]

2nd Asia Concert Tour
(Singapore, Malaysia)

China Concert Tour
(Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou)

Movie [The Cat Funeral] Music Director


1st Asia Concert Tour
(Singapre, Malaysia, Hong Kong)

Awarded PLATINUM Album in Malaysia

National Tour Concert 「HEART」

Poland Concert Tour
(Krakow, Poznan)

Russia Concert Tour
(Moscow, St. Petersburg)

Special Album [ATMOSFERA]


8th Album [BLIND FILM]

National Tour Concert 「Blind Film」

MBC Entertainment Awards 2013
'Rookie of the year' in Radio Award'

Australia Promotion Tour

MC of MBC TV (Art stage)

9th Golden Ticket Awards 'Artist of 2013'


7th Album [Stay in Memory]

National Tour Concert 「Stay in Memory」

Germany Promotion Tour

8th Golden Ticket Awards 'Art of 2012'


Best Album [The Best]

National Tour Concert 「The Best」

DJ of MBC FM [Yiruma's Golden Disk]

MC of MBC TV [Wednesday Art stage]

Drama「Secret Garden」OST 

Honorary Ambassador of Pyeng-chang Winter Special Olympic


National Tour Concert 「Movement on a theme」

DJ of KBS 1 FM [All the World's Music]


6th Album [P.N.O.N.I]

National Tour Concert [P.N.O.N.I]


5th Album [h. i. s. monologue]

National Tour Concert 「farewell」

Movie [Spring Waltz], [Sunflower] OST


4th Album [POEMUSIC]

Japan Promotion Tour

Special Album [Destiny of Love] 

Live Album [YIRUMA Live at HOAM Art Hall]

Concert「Winter Story with YIRUMA」 


National Tour Concert [Drama]

Special Album 「Nocturnal lights... They Scatter」

National Tour Concert [Romatic Piano]

Drama 「The Little Mermaid」OST

Movie 「=Destiny of Love」OST


3rd Album [ From the Yellow Room]

National Tour Concert 「From the Yellow Room」


2nd Album [First Love]

France Cannes 36th MIDEM Guest Performance

Special Album [Oasis & Yiruma] 

Drama「The Age of Innocence」 OST 

Japan & Taiwan Promotion Tour


1st Album [Love Scene]